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Kippax x Bear Partnership

At Kippax, we are proud to have embarked on a journey to add teamwear to our customer offering, alongside our long and trusted history as bat makers and providers of cricket equipment. This will be done In partnership with Bear Cricket Ltd who brings years of teamwear expertise and strong manufacturing partnerships to the table resulting in a comprehensive range of cricket teamwear meticulously designed for functionality, comfort, and style, reflecting both brands’ unwavering commitment to quality.

As two proud West Yorkshire-based brands, Kippax and Bear Cricket are not only enriching the local cricketing community but also resonating with cricket enthusiasts worldwide. This partnership embraces the evolving demands of cricket while honouring its timeless traditions, reflecting a shared passion for the sport. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to innovation, Kippax’s entry into the teamwear market signifies a bright future for cricket attire.

The collaborative process between Kippax and Bear Cricket ensures a seamless experience for customers with initial enquiries channelled through Kippax. These are then passed on to Bear Cricket who takes over communications from this point to help customers explore the diverse range of teamwear options available before commencing design work to ensure the ranges meeting the club’s needs, once confirmed Bear Cricket manages the order process through to delivery and after sales. After-sales support is a key aspect of this partnership, with both companies committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and providing ongoing support for teams who choose Kippax Teamwear.

This collaboration not only redefines cricket attire standards but also offers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for cricket teams, all under the trusted Kippax name.

Kippax Teamwear

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